Saturday, October 2, 2010

the dark side of the moon

local time: saturday, october 2, 2010, 7:00 p.m.

i attended ko phangan's half moon party last night.  it was fantastic!  the dj's were great and played a heady mix of techno, house, and psychedelic trance music.  there were beautiful lights and decorations and some of the best fire dancers i've ever seen.  i danced like a madwoman and drank more than i should have.

although i went with a group of friends, it didn't take long for us to get separated.  we had agreed on a meeting place, and i met other people to dance with and talk to, so i wasn't too worried.  by about 5:00 a.m. my head was spinning and i was ready to go.  i went to the agreed upon place and couldn't find any of the people that i'd come with.  i searched the dance floor to no avail.  i went up to one of the bars on the hillside hoping i'd have better luck with a view of the crowd from above, but i still couldn't find them.  and at this point i just needed to leave.

i walked out of the party into a crowd of taxi drivers and asked for a ride back to thong nai pan.  i was a little out of my head and forgot that: 1) taking a car or truck taxi by oneself is always more expensive; and 2) one must always always always agree on the price ahead of time.  not having done this, i was astounded when we got back to my bungalow and the driver demanded over fifteen times the amount i had paid to get to the party.  i told him that it was too much and that i didn't have the money.  he would not let me get out of the truck but instead drove me to an atm and stood uncomfotably close while i withdrew the money.  having given him a sum equivalent to one week's lodging - all of the money, in fact, that i was going to use for rooms for the rest of this trip - i was allowed to go and returned to my room feeling defeated, angry, taken advantage of, and stupid.

i broke all of the rules last night.  i lost my friends; i drank too much; i left alone.  i made myself an easy target, and i got scammed.  i'm just glad that money was all he took.  looking back at the course of events with a clearer head, i see that things could have been much worse.  but they weren't, and i'm okay.  just hungover, broke, and upset that i didn't take better care of myself, but wiser for the lessons learned and determined to never put myself in a situation like that again.

my ticket to krabi is already paid for, and i had enough money hidden in my room to cover a couple of nights at a cheap guest house once i get there.  another unemployment check is due any day, and i will be just fine.


  1. Life lessons are the hardest and you have dealt with this one with courage. Love you, dear warrior!

  2. It may be a lesson learned, but what a lousy lesson!
    I just emailed you; you're checking your email, right?
    Lots of love

  3. And the Samurai shall not make the same mistake again.

  4. This trip has been full of wonderful lessons... unfortunately this one was one of the not-so-wonderful, but equally as important lessons you were meant to learn and experience. Promise me you will not get down on yourself- do not judge Racheypie, just be grateful that all is well and the only repercussion of the night is a little less money in your account. If you need *anything*, email me and I will take care of it (including a little loaner if it will make the rest of your journey as delightful as you deserve it to be!). Love you. xx

  5. An unfortunate turn of events indeed but clearly you are wiser for it. Love and hugs!

  6. thanks guys. yes, wiser indeed.

    aicheypie - i'm okay, and no longer down on myself about it. your offer of help is the sweetest, but the money issue has been resolved. love you too. xoxoxo