Saturday, September 11, 2010

on my way

i returned from burning man less than a week ago, and i leave for thailand tomorrow night.  wow.  the butterflies in my tummy haven't had a break for weeks!  my time on the playa was amazing in and of itself (one that i could never adequately describe in this forum), but it was also the perfect preparation for this next great adventure.  as i reflect on my experiences out there, i've learned so much about myself and my interactions with others and with the world around me.  i feel stronger, a little braver, and more ready for this solo trip than i was a few weeks ago.  that being said, my excitement is tinged with nervousness.  this is by far the biggest thing i've ever done on my own, and the combination of complete freedom and complete responsibility for my own trip is both thrilling and scary.  so maybe that's what this blog is about . . . sharing my experiences as i go, thus feeling like in some way i'm taking my friends and family along with me.  sounds a little cheesey i guess, but hey - that's me. 

i've been looking forward to exploring thailand for years.  feel free to check in here periodically if you want to see what i discover.